Need help looking for a Rambox replacement

Hey guys, I am a small business owner that runs a production company and I use Rambox on all my primary rig. The thing is, they close the source, and I’m not liking it.
is there an Alternative? To Rambox
it is a special web browser like container software for websites

Never hear of Rambox, so I did a search on the web. Here is a “shot in the dark”, but this was something I found.

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Thanks I think I found one called Franz, but the pricing is confusing, I will keep looking!

I was going to suggest Franz. Franz and Rambox came out around the same time quite a few years ago. Both Rambox and Franz weren’t much more than a site specific browser with isolated cookies for each tab… Has much changed?

For the last few years I’ve used different browsers concurrently. My business Gmail in Firefox, Personal Gmail in Vivaldi, etc.

Firefox has a great add on called Multi Account Containers, which serves a similar purpose allowing you to login to different accounts on the same service from a single browser window.

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Going to try another one called Ferduim soon.
Apparently, this is an open-source project,
I am trying to run a business with only open-source apps