Need help uninstalling a program

Mid afternoon yesterday I rebooted my computer. I was running Boinc so I stopped the project, shut down the program, turned off the computer. When I restarted last night I didnt notice that when I started Boinc it did not actually start. After trying to track down all sorts of possibilities I finally got to the point I just need to uninstall.

Problem is - how do I do that? I downloaded the program from the site and installed the program. Boinc only talks about removal from Mac and Windows. I want to remove all the file associated with the program.

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BOINC is a good program. How do you know it is NOT running? Uninstalling is easy. There are different ways on different distros. For Ubuntu based distros, open a terminal and type “apt remove boinc” or “apt remove boinc-client” without the quotes. For OpenSuSE, open a terminal and type “zypper remove boinc-client” without the quotes.

It would be easier if you tell us what distro you installed.

Also, you may need to work on the gui_rpc_auth.cfg file in BOINC. In OpenSuSE, I have to have a symbolic link to the file gui_rpc_auth.cfg and the symbolic link has to be in my home directory AND my user id has to have the boinc group added.

I just noticed that you said you downloaded and installed BOINC from the website. If that’s the case, you need to do some work to clean it off. You have to find the directory it is in and delete that, you have to find the service that starts BOINC automatically and disable it. If I knew what distro you have, I might be able to help.

First - the gui doesnt start. Running the backend service - it doesnt start and produces no error in the log except: boinc : no protocol.

Typing apt remove boinc, boinc-client produces: Package ‘boinc’ is not installed, so not removed

Kubuntu 20.04 is my system.

I did look at the gui_rpc_auth file. Both are the same file.
The symlink from one to the other is there.

If you are willing to help - Ill go thru them again :slight_smile:

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Open a terminal, type “cd /” and hit enter, then type “sudo find . -iname gui_rpc_auth.cfg” without the quotes. It should tell you two directories, one where BOINC lives and the other the symbolic link in your home directory.

If you want to delete the BOINC directory, now you know where it is, if you want to see if it is really just a GUI problem, try this: “sudo usermod -a -G boinc your_user_name” and reboot.

When you open the GUI, there is a status in the bottom right corner, does it keep trying to connect? If so run this command: “sudo service --status-all | grep boinc” or “sudo service --status-all | grep boinc-client” or “sudo service --status-all” and scroll throught the list looking for BOINC. What is the status?

After reboot - clicking on gui - it does not start.
I click it - it comes up for a split second and goes away.

on grep boinc: [ - ] boinc-client
that is all that is printed.

grep boinc-client: unrecognized service

So really - just deleting the dir is all I need to do

Did you try this above? Really instead of deleting the directory, try “sudo apt install boinc*” notice the asteric.

status-all shows a list and this: [ - ] boinc-client

I did not install boinc from the repos because its older and would not run well
on my system so I downloaded from the site. But, I guess I could rerun the install.

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If you want to re-install, delete the directory first as the problem may not be overwritten.

Ok. Thanks for the help.

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I hope it works, if not let me know and we will try to figure it out together. The status is empty because the service is not running. It may be a permissions problem on the BOINC directory.

@TrekJunky gave correct advice, I’ve got nothing to add - only that I would have typed locate boinc and just removed everything that seemed related.

However, the website firmly recommends the installation via the software centre or via apt-get install ..., if you are on an Ubuntu or Debian based distribution.

If you want to reinstall it, I would do that instead of using the shell script from the website.

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Please let us know if your problem was resolved…

Removed boinc.

My version from the site is 7.4.
Installed the repos which is only 7.16.
Been using Boinc for many years and the version from
the repos have not been as stable.
After install - running service – status all: [ + ] boinc-client
Attempting to start client - nothing at all happens. Does not flash on screen or anything.

After I get off this call - Im going to uninstall and install the script again.

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Finally back to this – turns out when I removed boinc that did not remove everything.

Running locate boinc found other files. You said remove everything that seems related. Did you mean things specific to configuring or related to boinc in general?

And, could you do something like: locate boinc with rm -r … I dont know how to string that together.

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Sorry I was out door-dashing till now. There should be boinc and boinc-manager and other files in the /usr/bin directory which need to be deleted before a re-install. I forgot about them till now. Run “locate boinc | grep usr/bin” for a full list. Delete those files, and the boinc data directory. If you plan to get rid of it completely and permanently, I would run “locate boinc | grep service” and delete those two (I Think) files as well.

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HAHA dashing-door to door with food - I get it. We all need our entrepreneurial juices going!!!

Ok. Ill look for those. Thanks

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Well Wade, Have you solved it, or given up?

Did not solve it.
Installed from file and repos twice each – will not run.
Went back to removing more boinc file - still wont
install. At this point - its taken more time than its
worth to me.

Thanks for the help.

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I’m willing to help you till it is solved, but if it is not worth it, then so be it.