Need Recommendation for 1 Year SSL from a good FOSS Company

I’m helping a friend who hosts web sites on GoDaddy.
GoDaddy has Snubbed LetsEncrypts ACME 60 Day auto-renewal security system (because its free?)
With only CPanel the next step is find a 1 year SSL certificate company to purchase from.
Ive purchased from Comodo in the past, but i want to find a moral and ethical company that represents the FOSS ideals. Any ideas?

Hello and Welcome to ItsFoss Community, i dont know anything about this but i hope the others can help, just wanted to welcome you to ITSFOSS COMMUNITY!

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GoDaddy is a poor choice but that’s your friend’s choice.

For SSL, could you check if GoDaddy allows ZeroSSL?

I believe if I go to NameCheap I could get 1 annual SSL for 1 domain for $5-&10 per year.
Where as if I go to ZeroSSL it has been converted into a profit driven scheme of $50 per month at the level of 10 annutal SSLs.
Since I can’t use LetsEncrypt I just really want to find an alternative ethical provider, TY!

ZeroSSL also has a free tier, I believe. Though we use Let’s Encrypt on our websites and precisely the reason why I am not aware of ethical services dedicated to SSlL.

May I ask why stick with GoDaddy? How about moving to cloud-based services?

I am not very much sure you need to purchase SSL anymore. There is two way how you can get it free.
1.Either Selecting such a hosting provider who provides it free of cost with hosting. Why not go with one of the world’s best-shared hosting provider and trusted ones.
2.Either go for free via Cloudflare.No restriction on the number of sites you can add. You can find hundreds of youtube videos on that how to setup.
I hope you will find peace of mind chasing for SSL after every expiry.

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I hate these pseudo-helping posts on Quora and such, where people just try to advertise for shit.

I always make sure to call out this bullshit and leave a negative review for bullshit spam advertising.

Have fun with the bad reviews!

I was not aware of this company, but thanks to @abhishek
we all know that they had security breaches more than once.

P.s. : With my permission, feel free to edit ( or even delete ) this post if you need to.

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