Need Some Suggestions For New Distro

Hey Its FOSS Community,
I came here to grab some recommendation for my pc. I want to install new distribution in my pc.
I am a ubuntu user from last a year and want to switch as i am bored from this :laughing:
Can you guys suggest me some distros that i can try (ubuntu based or arch based). That will work good on my pc. I am in more sought of multi tasking, programming and coding things

Pc Specs:
Ryzen 5 2400g
8gb ram
inbuilt apu graphics
hdd 1tb 7200rpm

Thanks In Advance

I switched from Ubuntu GNOME to Backbox Linux just recently and it works for me. All things that worked for me on Ubuntu works on Backbox Linux because BB Linux is based on Ubuntu. It also download the updates from Ubuntu servers, choose any server that you like worldwide.

It is much lighter too because it is based on Xfce. It takes a while to get used with Xfce DE but once you are getting used to it, it is much better than GNOME.

If you want to change the IP address, you can turn on the anonymous mode and connect to TOR, but I rarely use it.

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Upuntu based would be Linux Mint. I like it very much for its simplicity.
Not Ubuntu based, but if you are programming/ development interested is OpenSUSE. There are 2 versions Leap (actually 15.2) and tumbleweed which is a rolling release with latest updates but nonetheless very stable on my PC. OpenSUSE has a lot of system tools integrated (e.g. YAST). Just have a try.

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actually i am not a fan of simplicity i rather go for better looks

i personally dont like xfce

Linux Mint can be installed with various desktops, mate, cinnamon etc. cinnamon is the standard for Mint. OpenSUSE standard is KDE, but cna be installed with a lot of other desktops.

thanks for your suggestion

Tried the super-posh Garuda? Might be for you, then.


Tried it in past broke my system 3 times :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

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How sad! I really liked it.

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I too but crashing again and again

KDE looks fantastic AND is very customizable

People have already suggested some nice advice, so I’m not going to repeat them again, rather I would share what I learnt from my past experiences that many Linux users felt the same as you @CyberBoyAyush.

I wish all Linux Distros should have only one desktop like Mac or Windows, so that no one could ever bore from them. But luckily, Linux is an open-source and mostly free and full of choices as per your need and work. You just need to choose them wisely.

Linux is the Combination of the following things.

Back-end - Distros doesn’t matter too much. Mine is Arch
DE - Your Desktop Enterface (Gnome, XFCE, etc) is your personal choice. I tried 22 but mine is Deepin.
Package management system - (deb, rpm or arch) you choose is also personal choice again. Mine is arch.
And choose Kernel (Latest, LTS, Zen or Custom) according your hardware’s best performance. I prefer LTS.

I tried almost all three of package management systems and different Distros to learn Linux. Now, you have to find out your best combination.


Thank You For Brother For Your Valuable Advice :heart:

I’ve been using one ubuntu based distro or another for years and I just decided to try an Arch based Linux after pressure from my kids. I’ve been trying out Artix (xfce/runit) this week with pretty decent results. runit’s a little funky but I think its workable, xfce is solid as ever, My AMD(ryzen3/vega9) notebook really likes it, but my nvidia system does that no logs hard lock I last saw on an intel box.

So far the myriad of pacman wrappers (yum,trizen,etc.) have been able to find most of the apps I use, either in community or aur, with some serious compile times on a few things( i.e. astrometry).

I think it’s an exciting change.
Another one I’ve used quite a bit is Peppermint. It’s an amalgam of Lxde and xfce desktops and looks really nice. It’s got some issues with control panels but overall is very stable and usable. I’ve even used it on a small server which has racked up serious uptimes.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hi all,
As I am playing around for a while now with Debian and RPM based distros, I wonder what the diffreence (advantage) of Arch based distros is. Could somebody give me a hint?

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Let me give my impressions.

In about 1998 I first tried Red Hat Linux and liked it. Red Hat obviously knew what they were doing.

I used Ubuntu but didn’t like the look of it. And I heard too many stories of it breaking.
I then tried Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop, and it was beautiful.

In recent years I have gone back to Red Hat and I now use Fedora Linux (a Red Hat sponsored project) with the Cinnamon desktop. It looks just like Linus Mint but it has the “solidity” and the professionalism of Red Hat behind it.
To me, as an engineer, it looks like the perfect combination.

Debian and RPM based distributions are usually more geared towards stability.

Arch, in my judgement, contains more of the most recent developments and gives you an incredibly rich repository. If you’re looking to try out new features or are a developer yourself, it is probably the right choice for you.

However, e.g. Manjaro is also very suitable for everyday use and easy to administrate.

For enterprise usage, I’d still go for RPM or Debian based distributions.


Thanks very much for the feedback.

This is inline with my impression. I also would go for Debain or RPM based distros for stability.
In fact I would like a mix of Linux Mint and OpenSUSE… :slight_smile:
OpenSUSE has very nice system tools in YAST, Mint is running very stable and I like its simplicity, also speaking as an engineer… :wink: :blush:

I agree with @Mina about Manjaro. It is most stable arch based distro but still not arch linux. Manjaro is stable like Ubuntu, LM and Zorin but with more latest pkgs and kernel.

I used Manjaro for more than 3 years and never found a problem until I mess with it.

Manjaro:A Different Kind of Beast - Manjaro.