New Budget PC Suggestions

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My Old PC (Phenom II X4 965 with Gigabyte board) is now showing the signs of ageing. I suspect in some time the mobo will become useless.

So, please advise on assembling a new budget PC. The last I read about it, Intel i5 offers good price-performance combination. Which motherboard should I go ahead with? I’m thinking about i5 (10th gen) with some Gigabyte board, but do advise if something can be better. Is some other combination possible in which I could use my old DDR3 RAM sticks? ( I would have preferred to just replace the mobo, but I doubt any new mobo compatible with AM3+ socket is available in the market).

Perhaps India-based members may be able to help better as we get some peculiar kind of product line here in India.


The best bet for old motherboard chipsets is local computer stores. They always have some old stock lying around.

True that but I’m kind of in a really small town, at the moment, so not many stores here.

But anyway, if I were to assemble a new PC, what would you suggest?

I’d pick a new mobo-cpu-RAM combo.
I have 8th gen CPU based machines, and they are OK both in performance, and power requirement. If you aren’t a hardcore gamer, probably an integrated GPU will be sufficient(and that draws much less power from the grid…)
Just check for it when you pick the CPU, not all models have the GPU integrated.
As for the mobo manufacture, I had good luck with MSI, Gigabyte, Asus and Asrock. Based on my experience I could recomnend any of them.
Choose which you can get, and has the feature you want.
For example, I needed 6 Sata ports, in my price range MSI was my choice…
My son needed only 2 (actually there areat least 4 on any boards…), but needed HDMI out also, a Giabyte model was the most affordable.
I wholeheartedly recomnend you to get a recent mobo and CPU, because in general these work using up waaaaay much less electricity.


You can follow what @kovacslt said, you could shop for parts from Amazon, Flipkart, and

If not, then you will have to manually visit the shops and ask around, or travel to the closest big city and get the parts you need.

Hi Rohit,
I purchased a refurbished Dell PC. It was an Intel i5 with 8Gb ram and an SSD. That would perhaps be another option for you. Try ebay.


Problem with buying new is unlikely you will be able to use your older memory as getting access inside mew machines can prove difficult also the memory is soldered onto the motherboard making upgrades almost impossible
Why not put Linux on your old machine and run that till it dies, tomorrow there will be bigger faster better computers to choose from spend the money when needed


UPDATE: Looks like the machine is dead. There is no POST anymore: fans run, power button works, but no POST. As suspected, the motherboard seems to be the culprit. Will try to fix it, but most likely will have to replace it.

Think I’ll go ahead with the old i5. Fits my budget and gives just the limited results that I want. Thank you all for help!


Thanks for that. I had no idea that new motherboards come with fused RAMs! Uncles like me are really out of touch with the latest stuff…

Yes, probably the best option for me.


That will run any Linux distro. I have Debian and Gentoo on mine.
Good Luck


So, I found this deal on Amazon India. Think it will let me keep my legacy Windows 7 as well :thinking:

i5 3470s, 4th gen

Get an SSD to go with that.
Check your power supply is adequate.
Does it have onboard graphics?
What about interfaces… ethernet, wifi, usb, sata?
There are no specs on that page.
It should be fine for Linux and Win7

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I’ve seen such thing with laptops. Never ever with a (desktop) motherboard.


I’m not sure, but intel claims i5-3470 has integrated GPU:

Processor Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 2500

The pictures of that motherboard suggests me, it has the option to use the intel iGPU, as it seems to have both DSUB and DVI outputs.

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Check your power supply is adequate.

Yes, 600 Watt Corsairs SMPS

Does it have onboard graphics?

It has, basic level – ok for Win 7/Linux

What about interfaces… ethernet, wifi, usb, sata?

Yes, ethernet, usb and sata is present; see the image shared by @kovacslt I will use old cables, SMPS, fans etc. Only board, CPU, RAM will change (old RAM, I think, can be reused here)

Yes, thought the same…

i5 3470 is 2012 release while I bought Phenom II X4 965 in 2009, so, in a way, it is a minor upgrade with not too drastic changes in terms of board requirements, interfaces etc. – I reckon.

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@Rohit ,
It seems OK.
You can always get a dongle for Wifi.
Go for it

Delayed reply on this thread.

So I did buy the i5-3570 with H-61 motherboard. This kit works great and also supports Windows 7. In a way it was a minor upgrade.

Thanks for all the help.