New layout questions

i could have sworn before there was a search function. i feel positive i used it before. like there was a box at the top of the page. i was just looking to see if there was an article on remote desktop programs and couldn’t find a way to search. am i missing something or did i misremember how it was before?

of course there is the tried and true method of adding itsfoss as a search term on duckduck. just checking out of curiosity mostly :slight_smile:

You are right. There was a search option and after your post, I added it back again.

Actually, I had added a new plugin to improve the search option on the website. I removed the plugin later and hence the search option disappeared correctly.

It’s back again. Thanks for the reminder.


this one isn’t a question. just letting you know that the community links (google+, linkedin, etc) look weirdly cropped on my firefox 63. i’m running bodhi 5.0 (ubuntu 18.04 base) in case that helps.

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That’s weird because it looks fine on Firefox 63 on Ubuntu 18.04 :thinking:

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must just be my system (thinkpad with integrated intel graphics). i tried on my ubuntu mate and debian xfce partitions and got the same with both firefox and vivaldi. the icons display their intended target with hover over, so it is easy enough to understand what they are.

because: curiosity. they look the same on an hp running windows that i am fixing. is it possible that this is some how region/isp specific? i have very minimal understanding of website building/design, so that is obviously a total guess.

No idea. Could be a temp issue.