New Log-in steps

Do I have to Log-in using an email link to enter this website every time going forward?

If you use the same browser, then you should be logged in for days or weeks.

Otherwise, you’ll have to log-in with the email link. This is new industry standard to bring more security with password-less authentication (no password breach).


Don’t forget to bookmark it as well for return visits


Just tried to Log-in again after bookmarking and closing the browser to no avail. It routed me again to email.

I’m using the Brave browser.

Thanks guys.

I’m assuming there is a cookie used to preserve session information. Maybe the cookie is being blocked or cleaned by Brave or an add-on?


That’s more likely.

@ed1 does it happen with other websites also? Do they force you to login every time you close the browser?

Just copy your email login to a .txt file, and use that with copy/paste.
Then you dont rely on any browser remembering a bookmark


It’s not happening elsewhere, yet.

I had the username/password saved on the old “it’s foss” and it would auto-fill the login/password.

Now the new login field just asks for the login email without a chance to enter a password. It’s treating like a stranger without a password. It never asks for one.

That is correct. There is no password now. You have to use the email link.
The link only lasts 24 hours. Not really much point in saving it, whether by browser bookmark or whatever

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