New Professional Video Editing Tool

I’m pretty sure I read an article someone from It’s Foss wrote a few months ago about a very
powerful open source Video Editing Tool which is still in Beta. Unfortunately, I deleted the article by mistake and I can’t remember the name of the software. Can anyone help? Thanks!

My system
Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon (64 bit)

Whoops… I think it’s the wrong category and now I can’t delete this post because it’s too new. Can anyone in charge please move it to the application section?

Well, usually I don’t say anything but this time it hurt my eyes seeing this. It took literally 1 second to find this:


Thank you. I’m fairly new to this kind of stuff so I deeply appreciate your help.
I love olives so this should help me remember! :grin::grinning::wink:

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Is Shotcut the program you’re looking for?

Olive and Shotcut are FOSS and multiplatform (Linux/Mac/Windows) and very intuitive. Another Multiplatform NLE is Openshot. For Linux only, you have FOSS Cinelerra or Flowmotion. In case you’re not interested FOSS, take an eye to Lightworks.
Hope finally you remember the software you’re looking for!