New to Linux, need grub fix

New to Linux, Ubuntu, gonna take me a while to get up to speed. I have win 10 on main SSD and Ubuntu installed on external drive through c port. I want to start computer and just have it go to screen where I tell it which system to boot. Right now it goes to grub I type exit and it boots to windows. I have to press F9 on startup to choose which system to start. I downloaded grub customizer and can change things but doesn’t seem to be able to make it so what I want which is to push power on, leave it alone to get to a screen where I choose which to boot in.

Hi @Kite005 ,
I take it from the above, that you are using the bios to decide whether to boot from the internal disk or the external disk.

It would also seem that you have grub installed… probably on the internal disk which contains windows

To set up a dual boot menu controlled by grub, you need to configure grub inside ubuntu… grub is probably not installed on the external disk that ubuntu is on … that might be difficult … so lets put it there… log into ubuntu , become root or use sudo, and do grub-install externaldiskname
then if there are no errors do update-grub
and it should find ubuntu and windows…

If it gives a message that os-prober is disabled, it will find ubuntu, but not windows. … to fix that go to /etc/default/grub , edit it and add the line GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false… then repeat update-grub… it should find windows and ubuntu.

Now reboot, and set the bios to boot from the external drive. It should bring up your grub menu , where you can choose which OS to boot.

I would not recommend using grub customiser.
If you have already used it in ubuntu , the only way to get rid of it is to reinstall ubuntu.


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