Newbie Introduction

Just became a member, I’m David, 74 year old, retired and want to learn Linux. I have not decided on any distro yet but will be asking questions in the near future.
I have a Windows 10 Desktop that I build myself 6 yrs ago and a couple of laptops. I might want to put Linux on 1 of the laptops but not sure yet.
Let me think about some of the questions I want to ask and get back to you soon! Tks, David



Welcome! Remember, no question is too dumb to ask–we’ve already asked the really dumb ones!

If I may suggest, you could dedicate one of the laptops as a “sandbox.” Just load it with a very simple, generic distro (Debian or Mint or Xubuntu) and make sure that Gnome Boxes is installed. Then you can download any iso you are interested in and run it virtually. Having a ‘spare’ computer is a blessing when it comes to exploring Linux. is a great resource for finding distros and It’s FOSS articles is full of Linux-directed articles.

To avoid aggravation, copy any data you want to keep intact to an exterior drive. A 32G USB drive will hold a lot of stuff; external HDDs are really inexpensive as well. You’ll never regret a good backup habit.

Have fun and let us know how it’s going.

Welcome @dnavratil to the community.
Like you, only 4 years ago at 68, I want was thinking of learning about Linux and was on Win 10. And like you I had questions about it. There is lots and lots on info on the internet about best Linux for beginners, top 10 Linuxs, smallest, fastest, and so on.

My first Linux was Linux Mint Cinnamon and 4 years later I still am using it. Of course, as you may know, there are many Linux distro to choose from. Basically, they all do the same thing. It boils down to a person’s individual taste as to which Linux a person ends up using.

About time you got here. We’ve been hoping for this for a LONG time.
Welcome to the group.
Stay safe and healthy and keep on asking.