Newbie: Will Cinnamon 20.2 automatically give me the option to upgrade to 20.3?

Will I be able to download/install 20.3 over the Internet?
Thank you!
jbiwer - Eden Prairie, MN USA

The Update Manager usually provides an option to update to the latest version of Linux Mint.

The option is located under the ‘Edit’ tab.

In Mint shortly after the new point release becomes final Clem will give instructions on how to upgrade from 20.2 to 20.3. Just keep and eye on the release announcement in the Mint forums. It works quite well and smooth. For new major releases say to 21 or 22 when they come next year I would recommend doing a fresh new install.
Good luck.

I’ve always chosen to back up my data and make a fresh install instead of using any distro’s upgrade process. Sort of like wearing a belt and suspenders, but it’s safe.

I wonder whether upgrading from Mint 20.2 to 20.3 is beneficial. I would wait for the 22 version highly likely forthcoming in May-June this year .

Frank in County Wicklow -Ireland

Frank, I upgraded from 20.2 to 20.3 and find no difference except for the addition of the superb piece of software - Warpinter! It is the one I adore as I have a desktop and a laptop which I like to maintain as a ‘pair’, meaning I want to transfer various files from one to the other, often quite a large number. I have used Dukto, but occasionally it doesn’t work, so I end up using USBs, a tedious process. Now I have Warpinter all those problems disappear, I can transfer any and many files over my own wifi network in millisecs!
Warpinter is the reason I upgraded and have no problems by doing so.