Nitrux 2.8 - good, but still not for me

Pros: Installation went well on UEFI desktop.
Cons: Did not recognize printer.
-could not find way to install Synaptic.
-could not find way to install printer.
-no hint when hovering icons on panel to know what they represent.
-close button way too far on top left panel instead of app itself.
Hence, still not intuitive enough.
Nice, but not intuitive.

That is a big minus.
Icons dont feature in my memory

Icon set is fine looking.
Just don’t convey what they are supposed to represent.
Hence, a hovering indication would be welcome.

Don’t get me wrong tho.
Nitrux is improving.

Nitrux is interesting to me, because, while being Debian based, it uses the OpenRC init system. The only other distro like that is Devuan.

Sorry, not familiar with Devuan.

Have not tried Nitrux, but I think you probably have to use CUPS via the localhost:631 port to install a printer. That is what you do in Void linux… there is no special printer management app, you just use CUPS directly.
I think the lack of a special printer management app is a KDE thing… so Nitrux just inherited it by using KDE.

Probably just spoiled by KDE Neon, MX, Mint and the likes (Windows too).

Even “super key” or F2 have no result on Nitrux.
A Devuan tip for that to pick up on here?

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Yeah, time to try something a bit more challenging.
There is a FOSS article on Nitrux

I like the look of its plasmoids… they always fascinated me but I could never find a use for them.
I wonder if it would drive my new amd graphics card? It is based on Ddbian unstable so it may have the amdgpu drivers
I read that they have removed apt … that is a minus for me.

@nevj - removing apt reminds me of Ubuntu with their snaps (did i read something about them doing away with that?) or Vanilla in their closed environment.

Is that where we are heading to?
Monolithicly enclosed distros?

I hope not, that is boring. FOSS is supposed to be an escape from that.

Recently I tested it in my daily use Laptop, but I think it’s not polished to use as a daily driver operating system. other that that it’s not wrong and very interesting UI and other features.

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