Nitrux OS install

Tried installing Nitrux OS to a partition on my 1TB SSD, but always stalled or “froze” at the page requesting Language preference. My partition is formatted as ext4 (I have 2 other OS’s) on the drive. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Could you provide more information about your hardware setup?

Could you provide screenshots of what is happening?

It’s very hard to get what is going on, with so little information available.

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My experience has taught me multiple OS’s on a single drive is problematic at best and often results in increased heart rate and rising blood pressure.

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Hi 7blade… Thanks for the kind words and insight(s) :sunglasses:
The OS Nitrux is not as “beautiful” as they claim, nor is their website. My first experience in not being able to have a successful install in over 30 years!
I was successful in installing the emmabuntus-de3-amd64-10.8-1.04.iso … easy to install and to setup, etc.

Hello Akito …
I would like to withdraw my initial query … not worth the time and trouble … Found another OS to experiment with : emmabuntus-de3-amd64-10.8-1.04.iso … Installed and configured quite nicely :wink: .I do thank you for your time and input … I seem to always learn something new and different on the site :slightly_smiling_face: .