No bluetooth found plugin a dongle to use bluetooth ubuntu 18.04

Hello Friends,
Please help to install Bluetooth in ubuntu.

What is the output of

And after that:

sudo rfkill list

What version of Ubuntu?
– edit — Sorry - just read the whole topic line : ubuntu 18.04… but all my other questions are still relevant - I’ve never had issues with bluetooth on Ubuntu 18.04 and I did use it for a couple of years with a Targus USB Bluetooth dongle (apart from occasionally losing bluetooth mouse connectivity)…

Is this a desktop or a laptop?

Does it actually have bluetooth hardware?

I’ve found Targus USB Bluetooth dongles work (intermittently) out of the box in Ubuntu, without having to do any fancy footwork or install drivers :

But I don’t use them any more (ended up with 3) I bought a PCIe wifi and bluetooth card for my desktop computer…

The builtin bluetooth on my laptop (ThinkPad E495) works (I’ve replaced that card three times - recently got one with Intel CHIP instead of Realtek - Intel are always better than Realtek).

Both the PCIe card in my desktop, and the mini PCIe card on my Thinkpad just “work” with Ubuntu - never have to do anything with them.

Was mostly the same with those Targus USB dongles, except they were unreliable, e.g. my Bluetooth mouses would randomly disconnect, and bluetooth audio was pretty horrible too…

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My guess is that this is a laptop (screenshot is 1366*768, which is very common on low spec laptop, but very rare as a desktop monitor resolution).
inxi -Fxxxm
would tell everything about the system we should know.
I guess, there may be a switch on that laptop (if it does have BT at all), that is switched off…
But we can just wait for the OP to come back, and provide some details :wink:

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Can I add to that.
If it is a dongle, was the dongle plugged in when Ubuntu was installed.?
Ubuntu will not install the bluetooth drivers if the hardware is not present.
That is why @kovacslt wants to see the output of lsusb

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