No WifI..? Slow Wifi..? Want More MiBps..? = Plug’n’Play Penguin

Hi all Fossers - I have noticed quite a few posts lately with users having Wifi come WLAN problems. So, trying to bring it all here with a Plug’n’Play solution that obviously does not require terminal commands or a tutorial that may seem daunting for Noobs.
So - my take on this issue - No, don’t be silly, I’m not going to say install Trisquel and all your troubles will go away… :wink: :joy:
Rather - I wish to help as many it’sFOSS community members as possible - even those blinkered Minty :shushing_face: guys along with many other distros including Arch.
Whilst this shopping venue in the land of truly FREE software is aimed at gnu-linux FsF users like me, it is fortunate that this testing and expertise transfers to a wider audience.
It would seem that all their products are guaranteed to work AFAIK… so do explore other pages too…

Quote - "With the Penguin Wireless N USB Adapter for GNU / Linux, model TPE-N150USB, connecting to the Internet is easy. Just plug it in, connect, and surf. Genuinely Penguin friendly with all recent Linux kernels supported out of the box.

Though out of date this old article - no, not me :thinking: . :joy: - may give Noobs a flavour…

Also check your existing hardware at h-node org first if heading to gnulinux or other real FOSS distro… :+1:

Take extra care to stay safe