Nook on Ubuntu?

What is the best way to read my rather large Nook book library on Ubuntu?

I have the Nook app on my Android phone, on my Android tablet, and on my Windows PC, but there is no official Nook app for Linux. There is a web reader, but it doesn’t sync your reading progress.

I could use Wine on Linux, but the only Windows version available is the Windows 10 version which is only available via the Windows Store and I’m not sure if that will work with Wine or not.

I’m hoping there are some third party or open source native Linux apps that will work.

Any help is appreciated.

As far as I see it, Nook is a proprietary eBook format from a certain publisher (Barnes & Noble).

I think, it would be a good idea to contact the publisher of your eBooks. You paid them, they should make their content available to their customers.

The problem with these proprietary formats is that manufacturers don’t disclose format specifications and also tend to use digital rights management systems in order to make it impossible to access their content with third party apps.

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By any chance, did you read

Thanks for the feedback. I had not seen those items.

I do have another Windows 10 computer with the Nook app installed. I downloaded the book there and found where it was stored. This one in particular has no DRM and is just in epub format. I copied that file to my Ubuntu laptop and installed Calibre to read.

Thanks again all.

It would still be nice to have a native Linux Nook app so my position in the book could be sync’d across all my devices. I end up reading some on my phone, some on my tablet, and some on my computers.