Nvidia Drivers Failing

Did Anyone Come across the Problem of Graphics Card drivers failing to load (When OS is restarted) After Installing Ubuntu 18.10 and updating the Drivers after doing sudo apt-get update?

Have you checked the “additional drivers” section in the “Software & Updates”.

Open Control Settings > Software > Updates > Additional Drivers, and wait until the page loads:

If not, check the latest NVidia driver possibly 390, apply, close app and reboot computer. :wink:

Can’t vouch for Ubuntu 18.10, I’m assuming you are using Buntu with its default Gnome DE. Other OS’es tend to have NVidia settings in the main Menu, either in System or Preference/Setting, for fine tuning.


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That’s Exactly how I installed the drivers, but the problem was after I restart the system the GUI would fail to load. So finally I installed Ubuntu without installing Nvidia Drivers for the first and using the Binary Graphics (Open Source), Broad-com Wireless divers, Installed all the Software updates, Restarted and then install Nvidia. It worked!! :love_you_gesture:

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Glad you overcome this anomaly, they can be annoying :smile:


That’s fine, if you don’t really need graphical performance for your work flow. If you want to use your graphics card to the full extent, I would still recommend using the NVIDIA driver. The reason you had the problem is most likely that you apparently used the NVIDIA driver from the repositories, that is ancient. You always need to get the drivers from NVIDIA’s homepage. They work best and give the best results. You only have to install them correctly according to the description. If you miss a step, you can mess up everything.

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