OneNote in PlayOnLinux gives an error message

Hi all, I have tried unsuccessfully many times to use OneNote in PlayOnLinux.
Got as far as installing it, and when I try to open it I Get this Error.

Not sure how to get past this point as I have not installed Windows, but trying to run OneNote without it.
Do I have to install Windows for it to run?
Hoping there is a simple way to sort it out
Bruno (Brian)

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Did you actually do what it says?

this page indicates that wine compatibility with onenote isn’t great:

Hi cordx, I also saw that on winehq, so I have uninstalled onenote from playonlinux. No way could I get it to work, had it working a few Linux distros back but can’t remember which one. I also tried using a virtual box but also ran into problems. Guess I’ll just have to rewrite all the info using Libre or Cherrytree.
Thanks for the response.
Bruno (Brian)

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i’ve not used either, but cherrytree has some good reviews on this site so hopefully that will be a good fit :slight_smile:

There might be a way around it if you try installing it via flatpack which usually has the latest packages. I don’t know if wine is available through there as I don’t use wine. I used to use it, but I don’t use anything from Microsoft apart from fonts. I did come across these the other day as I was looking for something else and in my usual way got side tracked - don’t know if any of these will help.

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Thanks for the replies, I am using Cherrytree for the moment, and also will take a look at Tree Sheets to see how it compares.
Maybe I should leave the topic open in case someone finds a way to open onenote files so I can get my info back. Here’s hoping.


Good idea. It will be interesting to see if someone does and adds to our knowledge base about things.

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OneNote seems to be very particular for Windows systems, because
that uses Desktop Experience, and others dozens things :smile:
You make the correct: AlternativeTo show for you 25+ fix for your question.