Only linux boots

Linux mint 19.2 Tina
Linux will only boot if live usb is still plugged in, can’t boot to windows (7) followed abishek’s guide (had to figure out myself that it needed an efi partition, but hey, it installed) any suggestions pls? I have read the faqs and would have included more info if i knew where to find it

Don’t mean to be rude so please don’t take it this way. Did you do the complete install and at the end of it get “please remove install media” when you went to reboot? You could try and install again and if it says do you want to install along side then it has not installed so you will have to do so again. If this is successful then when the boot happens you will get the boot choices coming up asking what you want to boot into.

As you have mentioned it Mint 19.2 does also boot into Legacy and you can do so depending upon your system. It will boot into uefi if you have a more up to date hardware set up

I didn’t get the instruction to remove the usb drive so i took it out while it was shut down. when i got the screen asking what i wanted to do at beginning of install (something else) it did say at the top that there were no other operating systems detected or something like that. I’ll check tomorrow and try a re-install (i am using a 5 year old pc and windows 7 to try this out so no data loss worries - I am so haCKED OFF WITH WINDOWS 10:grinning:

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I used W7 disk to repair and did bootrec.exe/fixmbr - Did the trick. Except now linux wont boot

Which means you are using BIOS/CSM to boot. You have to make sure to boot (even just for installation) Linux in BIOS/CSM mode, as well.

There is a tool called EasyBCD which will work in Windows and recover lost Linux OS. You can try that and see if works.

How do I do that please?

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You can skip the Windows emergency screen part and go right into your UEFI when pressing F2 or DEL during POST i.e. press it repeatedly after pressing the power button on your PC.