Oops. I made the monitor disappear

I was installing Deepin on an old laptop and mistakenly made the monitor disappear. I accidentally chose TV mode from VH mode and the screen went black. I know the terminal works (Entering Ctrl-Alt-T and then sudo shutdown) I just can’t see anything.
Is there a terminal command that will restore it? I know I can always reinstall, that is just a 45-minute task I’d rather avoid.


Do you have a TV to connect to ? Like an external monitor where you can revert the settings ?

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The original laptop monitor wasn’t usable, so I had been using an external monitor all along.
Ok, reinstall time!

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a quick look at the deepin site suggests that it is built on x11 which means you should be able to use xrandr, but you would need to know the specific command regarding your laptop screen specifications. i just can’t figure how to get that kind of info without the screen :slight_smile:

Problem solved, and either I am embarrassed with how simple it was, or I did something totally inadvertently that solved it.
All I did was reboot into the Live CD, selected the monitor, removed the DVD and rebooted without powering down.
Correlation is not causation and all, but I’m happy with the results.


Lmao. Sounds exactly like my luck. Good times! :slight_smile:

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