Open as administrator


How do I place a file in a folder which only the administrator can access in 18.10 ?


sudo chown root:root yourfile


I want to do it to a folder, temporarily. There was option with right click previously.

I want to place an Inkscape template into the templates folder usr/share/inkscape


sudo chown -R root:root yourfolder

but then your template can be only accessed when you run inkscape as root and generally it is not recommended to run any application as root, unless absolutely necessary.


I see. Will it be possible to add a template to the existing ones and still use it with Inkscape ? In short, how to add a new template to Inkscape ?


The issue is, that once you run Inkscape as root, everything will work, but at the same time every config file, exported file or template file that the program creates will be made accessible only to the root user, so e.g. if you export a picture from inkscape as root, then you have to chown the picture again. And that every single time something changes.


It was much easier before. :frowning:


Then how did you do it before?


I just had to place it into the templates folder. I haven’t used Ubuntu in a while and a lot of things seems to have changed.


I don’t really understand your goal. The things I told you about are the same since decades. I think you want to achieve something else than you asked for, initially.


Thanks for the help. What I want to do is change the default Inkscape document to what I have prepared. Nothing much, I have added a border and white background. Earlier it was as simple as placing it to the templates folder of Inkscape.


I assume this should still work, but I don’t know anything about Inkscape. Long story short: go to the Inkscape forum, this is an app-specific issue that doesn’t have much to do with the OS i.e. changing owner of a file or folder.


Ok. But why they removed " Open as administrator " option ? It was very useful for me on various occasions.


You mean in Ubuntu? Because Canonical is Hipster. They are like Apple of the Linux world. If you want to put it back into the context menu, you can easy find instructions on the internet, especially for Ubuntu.