Open Source 2FA for Google account without Phone Number

I’ve already tried it some while ago and today I tried it again, but to no avail.

I want to enable 2FA for my Google account with a 3rd party authenticator app, without me providing a phone number to my Google account. I know that if I provide a phone number to my Google account, they will never again allow it to be removed from my account. Because my account was created back in better times, I still had the possibility to create the account without providing any phone number, so I am still lucky to have an account without a linked phone number.

I wonder if anyone found a way to use 2FA for Google through an app without providing a phone number.

I strictly oppose the idea of linking a phone number to my Google account, not only because of security reasons, but also because of reliability reasons as my phone number changes frequently, anyway. So I could even lose my account over this phone number bullshit.

I have little hope, but I know that there was a hacky way of using a 3rd party app for, even though it is politically not supported. Though, using a special program you could still do it. I wonder if this is possible for Google, as well.

All this wouldn’t be an issue, if most people weren’t stupid enough to plainly accept bullshit terms that are forced upon them by some huge corporations. Generation “ok, fine” is a huge problem in today’s society…

I have no idea what 2FA is but I used our home phone number.
Google doesn’t like it as they can’t send text (SMS?) messages but as Google is particularly useless for ‘customer service’ they can ‘shit in their hands and clap’ as far as I’m concerned

Don’t know about your location, but where I live you can send SMS to landline numbers, too.

I didn’t know that. I’m in central Florida so they probably could ?
We did have 'Morgan&Morgan (largest attorney firm in USA?) sending out spam e-mails saying they could charge companies up to $15,000 for ignoring ‘do not call’ but I haven’t tried it. Prior to the Verizon lobbyist lawyer taking over as head of FCC the problem wasn’t too bad
Totally irrelevant but at present Google is top of my shit list of really intrusive, unhelpful ‘bad’ companies (followed by Apple, Sony, Canon, Microsoft, and a few more)