OpenGL 4.0 in Mint for Steam

I’ve installed Steam and initiated it. All my old Windows games show up, but of course they’re not installed. I installed a few that would seem to work under Linux/SteamOS, but they’re asking for OpenGL 4.0. I am now out of my depth.

It’s an elderly I5 system, 8G RAM, AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5750 video. I’m not finding useful information on my own, so I must throw myself on the mercy of the ItsFOSS brain trust. Anyone have any ideas?

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Please try this and install OpenGL:

Thank you!

Appreciate the effort, but running into a ‘broken packages’ and dependencies loop that is beyond my knowledge. I’ll wait until Mint or Steam solves it.

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What do you mean by ‘broken packages’ ??
I think you should try it…

Your Choice

Thank you!

Tried it, several ‘dependency’ errors and ‘broken packages’ in output.

Maybe this would help.
Start with running the terminal command to see what graphics info pops up.

OK, I see all that. What I don’t see is how to get my Radeon card operating with Open GL 4.0.

Oh okk,

Thank you!!