Outdated Computers in Schools

Principals in Schools : We’ll talk about Nvidia , AI , Computer Science .

The unmaintained computers in the lab when CS students like us try to use them : Failure in the system .

Im a XI student who has just took Computer Science as optional subject and half of the time is wasted in troubleshooting the errors . …

In 2023 we’re using the old CRT monitors which consume more electricity, have flickering on screens .

Hi @Aman_Bhatnagar ,
I agree students need reasonable hardware… not necessarily the absolute latest, but it needs to be adequate for teaching and to be maintained.
Keeping computers uptodate in schools is a major issue. It is expensive to keep upgrading hardware and it takes a lot of management effort to keep the OS of multiple computers at a recent level.
In some situations students would be required to provide their own computer.


Using a DDR1 RAM , old hdds which have reached end of their lifespan in schools , In my school students like us need to compile Java programs but :neutral_face:
End up fixing problems of Computer , Why can’t they hire a Sysadmin for that purpose ?

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One option you may be able to impliment would be to get one reasonsbly modern computer set up as a server, and use the old computers just as terminals to the server.
It is easier to maintain one good server than a whole batch of assorted ageing computers.


It all depends on what school we are talking about here. And if the students are keen to learn about computers like basic coding, MS Office, etc. that can be done on these computers too.
Because, I’ve been in to schools where it was no computer facility at all! So in my opinion, we should focus on what we can squeeze out of those old machines, rather than criticizing the system.


Yes, that is the practical reality.
There has been an analagous debate in statistical circles about whether statistical software ( like Python, R, SASS) should be used in teaching statistics. There are a large body of teachers who think statistics is better taught without use of software. Their arguments are powerful.
I doubt if computing science could be taught without computers, but it could certainly be taught without the very latest computers…

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Been a while since I was in education and teaching but things have not changed that much.
It all comes down to cost, equipment, software, applications and staffing.
I was very lucky in being head of a department at a ITEC where student numbers were limited to 10 per class but still had to find around 10k per class room buying at that stage Pentium computers and a laser printer.
The cost was then doubled when setting up a DTP studio with 10 apple mac Photoshop Illustrator freehand not counting desks and chairs.
Having a technician available to do installations and running maintenance was not cost effective, usually me after hours.
Ok now we have a selection of Linux and open source software replacing Microsoft systems and apps. Which helps.
Important to run excel or word instead of libre office, I don’t think so as you teach concepts and empowering students. But still missing some applications which may be to pay for and not run even under wine.

@sudoersagar I feel programming should be taught on decent computers(not the latest ones) but atleast they should be functional too .

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@nevj , @sudoersagar

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Will you use outdated and non functional computer when your programming practicals are more important than troubleshooting computers ?

Forget about labs but teacher doesn’t know how to write basic programs in 11th grade CS . He gives homework that 9th grade people should do . I do ask questions in class share opinions but rote learning codes won’t help in long run .

In 2023 Principals talk about Nvidia but would keep CRT monitors which have no purpose me and my classmates have to write lengthy codes .
A CRT monitor has less resolution compared to LCD displays …

If you are talking about CS , you need good teachers for sure who make the content interesting .