Overdrive for Windows

Donated my last Windows box to my grandson. Two programs still require Windows–a blood sugar record keeper and Overdrive (for Android/Mac/Windows). It’s nice to be able to download an audiobook from the library, copy it to a USB stick, and listen to the book while driving. I can install the .msi file with Wine, but it can’t access the internet.

Can’t seem to attract attention on the Mint Forum–anybody here have any experience with Overdrive or its new cousin, Libby?

There are probably good alternatives to Overdrive. However, if you really need Overdrive, then you might try a tool from this list to make it work:

I’ll give them a look. Overdrive allows me to download audiobooks from our library and burn them to a USB stick for listening in the car. It seems to be firmly locked in to Windows and Mac, but there might be an Android or Chromebook port that might help. They also promulgate Libby, which works on my phone and uses bluetooth to port listenable books to my Subaru. Might have to catch up with progress, perish the thought. Thanks for the tip.

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I work in a Public Library, so I just to give you a heads-up that OverDrive is ending their “OverDrive” app in February 2022, and will be moving everyone over to their latest generation app - Libby.

I have not heard if they will still offer a downloadable program, since they offer the ability to read or listen to their books in a web browser.

Not surprising, but thanks for the tip. Libby works for me, so I’ll shift over.

I tried Libby when it was first introduced and didn’t like it as well as Overdrive. Then I tried it again a year or so later and liked it much better.

Libby is or was in the app store for Windows 10. If I remember right, they are discontinuing support for that app and direct you to use the webapp. https://libbyapp.com

I haven’t seen the ability to download an audiobook, but that’s a good idea. You could use something like Audacity to capture the book as it is played. You could have it record it unattended. That isn’t a perfect solution, but workable.

Audacity works well, unless I can find a way to capture a book as an mp3 like Overdrive does. Maybe I can install Libby using Wine, since I gave away my last Windows box. I loaded windows 8 as a virtual machine, but it won’t connect with the internet.