Partition formatting of a dedicated SSD for exclusive Linux use

My Dell laptop is throwing up a red alert for an impending HDD failure, currently operating with Ubuntu 20.04. I have acquired a new 500 GB SSD for dedicated Linux use, before the above old HDD actually fails and causes data loss. I also possess a Ventoy multi-ISO pen drive with ISO files of 5 flavors of Linux applications downloaded and in ready-to-use condition. I need support for:

(1) How to clone the entire HDD with all its updated Ubuntu 20.04 software features for copying to the SSD to recreate its exact copy, along with other files and folders?
(2) How to make two auto-boot partitions (specifying their recommended sizes) in the SSD, with the primary partition dedicated for exclusive booting of Ubuntu 20.04 on start-up, and the secondary partition by choice when needed, for auto booting of any of the 5 chosen Linux applications from the Ventoy multi-ISO pen drive; whether by “Disks” partitioning tool or from the command line is recommended?
(3) I also possess a 'Timeshift" backup of my Ubuntu 20.04 system on another pen drive.
(4) Any other alternate recommendation/suggestion?

Being new to Linux, technical support for the above shall be highly appreciated, with details of commands (if command line option is suggested) for either of the two stated options, to prevent a goof-up with a new SSD.

As you don’t ask for much …

Answer 1

Let’s you make a copy of existing disk and duplicate it for a second one.

Answer 2
Not sure I understand the request …
If you have the usb key then you just insert, and boot to the key, choose the version …
Are you wanting to do the same by making second partition ?
Then have several boot options to each flavour you have on the key ?

Answer 3
Timeshift. Is that different content to existing drive and what do you want to do with it ?
Restore over existing system, or continue using timeshift to make backup copies but from new drive

Command line … have not offered as you can do all of the above with Windows and screens, but yes you could do it by commands but complex to answer all of the above

Have a look at

Command line creation of multi boot Linux system

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Thanks for your support, Paul.

W.r.t …Not sure I understand the request …
As a Linux beginner, my doubt of whether a separate partition was to be created for booting the other flavors of Linux with USB key, having dedicated the primary single partition/root for booting Ubuntu 20.04 on start-up, being not mandatory stands cleared/answered. Thanks.
Timeshift backup availability was only to suggest my preparedness for restoring Ubuntu 20.04 at the root, in the event of HDD failure?