Partition Sizes on a Dual Boot

Some months ago I decided to dual boot Mint 20 on my Windows 10 PC, following advice from a blog on YouTube. The installation went without a hitch and Mint 20 worked well initially. As time went by and I had added more applications, the system boot and response times became increasing longer, to the point where it is not usable.

My technical expertise is minimal, but my suspicions are that the drive partition sizes devoted to Mint are totally inadequate. See attached a ‘GParted’ screen capture showing my Drive Partitions. Whilst I can see that partition ‘sda2’ relates to MS Windows, I have no idea which particular partitions relate to Linux Mint. If I am correct in my assessment, could someone advise me on which partitions should be enlarged, and what sizes might be appropriate, given the size of the overall drive.

From the screenshot shown, there is no Linux related partition on that storage medium, except perhaps the EFI system partition. All other partitions are Windows related.

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From what I see on Gparted, you don’t even see Linux on your PC. There are no ext partitions, and no ‘/’ under Mount Point.