Passkey_(Password-Manager V2.0)

Hi :india:,
Everyone Akash Biswas here, this is my Personal project, A Terminal Based Password Manager which is secure as same as any other reputed Gui based password manager… try it and give feedback Foss member’s. It’s is easy to use. The best feature I added in it, is password generator , restore & backup data.

Distro Use for Develop: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


  1. All Entries are Encrypted.

  2. Password Become More Secure .

  3. Code is Not Visible for EveryOne

    <<<< I hope memebers like my work and Dedication >>>>

Download link: GitHub - akashbis2021/passkey_installer: passkey_intaller

{ SETUP }:
“Internet is required on first run after installation you no need to connect to run the application”

step 1: sudo chmod +x
step2: ./
step3: type bash on terminal and run
step4: type passkey on terminal and run

Yeah nah… I’m not installing/running something from a shellscript that I can’t read… Sorry…


It’s ok no problem … :ok_hand:. Encyption is neccessary
In linux we are capable to find out supicious process

That’s why Linux is Linux not a Windows :grin::grin:

But yeah I am guaranteed, in my script there is no
Suspicious code present which run in background

Thank you Love from INDIA