Passkey_Terminal Password Manager

Hi :india:,
Everyone Akash Biswas here, this is my Personal project, A Terminal Based Password Manager which is secure as same as any other reputed Gui based password manager… try it and give feedback Foss member’s. It’s is easy to use. The best feature I added in it, is password generator , restore & backup data.

I hope you like my work

Download link: git clone GitHub - akashbis2021/passkey_installer: passkey_intaller

“Internet is required on first run after installation you no need to connect to run the application”

step 1: sudo chmod +x
step2: ./
step3: type bash on terminal and run
step4: type passkey on terminal and run


this is pretty darn cool. I spent some time messing around with it earlier, and it looks good!

Great for command line junkies like me :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Sir… I am very greatful :pray: that you appreciate my work

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Very cool indeed…

I rolled my own CLI password manager 'cause the commercial ones didn’t do what I wanted, and the curses / terminal / CLI version of Keepass was a bit too clunky…

I obscure my passwords in “age” (WAY more usable than PGP) encrypted files… unencrypt “on the fly” to display them (they’re not decrypted to disk) in the terminal… works equally well on MacOS… I don’t run on it on systems that don’t have encrypted HDD…

Any snooper inside my system could maybe sniff them out in whatever buffers my O/S creates - but - if someone was already in my system - them finding my clunky home-rolled password solution would be the least of my worries - the stable door is already wide open and all the geegees have long bolted…

Just took a look - can’t see anywhere you’re encrypting the database… So I assume it’s plain text? Only secured by UNIX / posix file permissions and attributes?

Can I recommend you take a look at “age” - it’s infinitely less clunky than pgp :


wow, I have seen your work that’s great … thank’s for sharing.

If you’re referring to the GitHub for FiloSottile/age - that’s not mine :smiley: !!!

Hey @privatesecure , I think this is an excellent application and one that I would like to use. However, I really think you should look into integrating some level of encryption as suggested by @daniel.m.tripp in his comment above, using age.

However, you’ll need to integrate into the installation process a way for the user to generate his/her own encryption key.

Once you have integrated encryption into your application, this will be a superb tool. Thanks for creating and sharing it with this community.


Thanks for appreciating my work @MV02. I try to create a new encryption method using RSA and Triple DES. Which I include upcoming update…


That would be awesome @privatesecure!
Please do post an update in this thread and I’ll be sure to take it for a test drive.

Oh btw, I noticed your profile name is “PrivateSecure” are you following any Private and Secure crypto currency projects?

If you are, I highly recommend to take a look at Epic Cash -

Epic Cash has many of the same qualities as Bitcoin (No Pre-mine, Fixed Supply of 21 Million coin, CPU+GPU+ASIC PoW mining, No ICO, Is NOT a security, etc…) but it has 3 things that Bitcoin Core lacks:

  1. Always-On Privacy (on the base layer)
  2. Scalability, and
  3. Fungibility

If you’d like to learn more I’d be happy to share more with you.
If you are not into Cryptocurrency projects, that totally fine.

Nothing like that. I work in tech organization and private startup’s companies in India, they hire Linux admin and Linux engineer’s to keep there essential data of by modifying there server to become private and secure. So I love these two words Private and secure. that’s why I give same username every where. I don’t like to expose my identity on internet