Password and keyring in Linux Mint 21.1

i cannot find where/how to change:

  1. being interrupted while watching something on VLC and having to type my password …
  2. having to type my password re ‘‘keyring’’ to unlock it. (i think to use Brave - happens after i bring up Brave)
    any suggestions, please?
    many thanks from Sarah J

Try to live with it for a while. It’s annoying but will go away in a week or two. Brave is a great browser, just doing its security things, collecting cookies and stuff. Don’t delete cookies! However, there is a program, Seahorse that you could use to get rid of this behavior but it’s not recommended for security reasons.

I only get this once when I fire up Brave or Chrome…

This is because I have autologin set, i.e. it’s a good measure…

I’m not too bothered about having autologin, as my “/” is encrypted with a long passphrase, and I only have to unlock my keyring with I fire up Brave…

I need autologin, because I’ve got 2 Macs and 3 Linux machines on my desk, but only one keyboard and mouse - so I use Synergy, and Synergy doesn’t work very well BEFORE the user logs in (I’ve read there are ways and means - but for me autologin to Linux desktop is the easiest)…

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Keyring is usually automatically opened on login.
There are 2 reasons if this does not happen:
1: you use autologin, where you get to your desktop without entering a password.
In this case the keyring stays closed.
2: you changed your login password. When your credentials are created, the default password for the keyreing will be the same as your login password. Whenever you change your login password, automatically opening the keyring with it will be impossible.

In both cases you can use seahorse to modify your keyrings password:
#1 you can set it to empty, so when you login without password, it will be possible to open it without entering password, so no program will bother you asking password for your keyring. However, this is a security risk, if someone can grab your keyring, will have all your passwords stored there…
#2: change the password of your keyring that matches your new login password. Doing so it will be possible to auto-open keyring on login.


thank you @shamu. yes, i read about Seahorse, tried the commands recommended - at the terminal - nothing happened.
also, after i emailed, i returned (a few ties) to the menu and selected ‘Accessories’ then ‘Passwords and Keys’ and up comes a gray dialog box, all in gray with GnuPG Keys at top and the big gray box just had 2 white key images with this below them “This collection seems to be empty” - so it was like, nothing to see here… i finally started clicking around and got somewhere ( i think) -
& a menu came up along the left side- i was able to delete the pw for Brave and i went to all items and deleted pw’s, keyring, etc…we shall see…
yay - i just started Brave and no default keyring stuff! (it helps knowing you all are there - as backup - and you spur me on to keep trying to figure it out!

Hopefully you salved it! But I’m not so sure…
Here are 2 links, they might help you if you need it.

We all will always be here for you!! :heart_eyes:


hi to all. and thanks some more.
keyring is still locked, & when i go in to ‘passwords and keys’ i set up for automatic login, but then it shows as locked. i tried the steps for ubuntu as in the Brave message (also, but they don’t seem to apply to Linux mint 21.1… i have blanked out the keyring password - nothing doing. where does a challenged person go for help? as you know, very frustrating… how do you run Seahorse? it is installed, but what menu is it on? (when they say launch it from the “menu”?)
thanks for pointing my in ANY direction, especially UP!

Does this help?