Password question

Hi all, :wave:

I have a dedicated question regarding the duolingo website ( in connection with my password.

I´ve been using Duolingo for some years now.

In order to access my courses I created a dedicated account, of course. So I log in with a special password, which is connected to my Duolingo account.

Yesterday however I inadvertently did something silly: Out of clumsiness, or rather absentmindedness, I entered the password of my computer, the Linux Lite setup. :astonished:

How dumb am I :question:

Of course the password was rejected by Duolingo, as it isn´t the correct one for the Duolingo account.

I just want to know: are those failed login attempts stored either on my system or on Duolingo itself?
Need I be worried :question:

I certainly don´t want my computer password to be stored by any website.

Thanks a lot in advance for your opinions.

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

Most commercial systems would not keep files of wrong passwords but would only record the number of failed attempts to any given account. They do, at times keep track of a certain number of old passwords of accounts in order to ensure updated passwords are actually different from the last x-number of password(s) used.


I would agree with the last reply as failed attempts usually only trigger a count of fails, so for example 3 goes then your locked out for hour…
Exception is if using chrome or firefox and you have the password manager running, it would ask if you want to update or change your password for that site then its recorded locally in your browser.

I looked at mine this morning thinking of an answer for you and discovered some sites i had totally forgotten i had registered with. Also if you buy a new device its transfered as a file to that device on log in to your google account.


Hi again, :wave:

thanks a lot for your replies. :heart:


That´s good to know, Terry. thanks a lot.

O.K., that makes sense.
So as my system PW was never registered as the PW for Duolingo they wouldn´t have it stored.

Seems good so far. :wink:

I see.
Well, I didn´t have the PW manager running at the time.

Right. I know this behaviour. It wasn´t the case in my scenario. Duolingo simply denied me access to my account.

Thanks also for the links, Paul.


So it seems I don´t need to be worried then. That´s good to know.
Thanks so much for your opinions on the matter. :heart:

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face: