PC Alienware- dual boot (windows10-ubuntu18.04 LTS)

Hi everyone
I wanted to install on dual boot alongeside of windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 on a pc Alienware, but after clicking on install ubuntu I see the error message " ACPI BIOS error (bug) : Failure creating.

and several error lines, and the instalation not work and remains in these error messages.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot

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i am finding these errors in some bug reports from about a year ago. is this a recent download of ubuntu 18.04.3?

it’s a recent download of the ubuntu, usb bootable created by rufus (UEFI), Bios is set to UEFI and the sata mode is AHCI, and UEFI secure boot is disabled.

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does your computer have an nvidia gpu?

yes, it has an nvidia gpu

I tried with ubuntu 18.10, but not ssd drive detection and not windows 10 detection also.

were you able to run the live usb or did you click on install right away?

for ubuntu 18.04 both try and install not work, and give same errors

for ubuntu 18.10 install works (but ssd and windows 10 not detected)
and try also works.

do you see this screen before you get errors?


No, it directly go to the error page

are you trying to install on the computer you are typing on now?

no, it’s a another pc
and now I have another problem, I modified bios and now it does not boot to windows also.
I have a black screen, nothing works!

what did you modify in bios? you have an entirely black screen? no error messages or warnings?

just black screen, … nothing works
I do not know how can I reset the done modifcations on bois.

is it a laptop or pc? is there any kind of light/led indicating that it is powered on?

A pc, Num led light turn on and off on keybord

what was the last thing you saw it do before it went black?

I think I reset the bios

how did you reset it?

I have inaccesible boot device
blue screen