PCLinuxOS New Install

I have installed this distro on a 120GB SSD, it is running really well, but I know very
little about PCLinuxOS. I know it is a rolling release, and it uses Synaptic for installing software.

PCLinux has no sudo, one just types su in the terminal to enter a root terminal. At
first setup one can either setup a root passwd or use none. I enter a user passwd
at login in, and that is it, just like with Windows.
If anyone has any experience with PCLinuxOS, feel free to comment.


Used it successfully for years, still loop it in from time to time. Very solid. Has a good magazine, too!

Why Bother at all is my question… let alone install :thinking:. :wink:
For every pot there is a lid - :honey_pot:
A match made in heaven obviously - :kissing_heart:
You deserve each other. Tongue in cheek British Humour :wink:

Now for a real review by a real tech Author: :+1:

A word from the People’s Favorite - :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Andy2… PCLinuxOS works well for me, that is all I need to know.

Question is:-
Should our members take advice from you…?
Professionals plus People’s Favorite…?
For me its a No Brainer :no_entry_sign: :brain:

ps; do you know where this People’s Favorite - Friar Tux hangs out.
I just had a look up the road in Sherwood Forest but Robin Hood :bow_and_arrow: said he might be inside Nottingham Castle :european_castle: under lockdown… :arrow_down_small: :slightly_smiling_face:

If you would’ve researched better, you would know that the “people’s favorite” is just regarding the USER ACCOUNT in general, not this particular comment.

The comment you see has 1 like and it’s probably from you anyway, because you are the only person that actually knows Trisquel and would want to go to bed with it.

That said, refer to my post about how horribly fat Trisquel is. I have proven it with undeniable facts. :wink:

Yup, for illogical people it is indeed a no-brainer. Because they lack such device in their head.

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Not asking that - who is this Friar Tux guy and where does he hang out…?

Total Trisquel downloads since the 2.0 release: 893320 :ok_hand:
Can you read and count too…? I thought … were supposed to be good at multi-tasking :wink: :joy:

It’sFOSS moderator @Mina had to withdraw her incorrect comments - why don’t you? @4dandl4 was slapped down by Abhi and had his laughable Trisquel review demoted to …
Part of your groupthink and … What a joke and disgraceful language - you are creating a cesspit there - Urgh :pig_nose: Scratch’n’Sniff

Ah - plural - name two referenced facts pertaining to a Full Monty Distro that can be used to browse web, email, write an illustrated letter or have gimp installed up and running straight out of the box like most regular members use.
Rather than some tiny single board device OS with no major software that can maybe switch a light on remotely…?

These programs take way too much RAM! Why are you bloating your computer unnecessarily???

“Productivity” is, as you said, a bullshit argument. One does not need any productivity!

All hail the minimal RAM usage!

I don’t remember ever saying this. Where are you getting this from as my fullscreen performance monitor shots are from having many apps on screen with a video running.

compared to Mint with missing apps

Please explain or are you misquoting me again…?

It’s been a while since I’ve used PCLinuxOS full time, but when I did I really enjoyed it. The interesting thing about PCLinuxOS is that it uses Apt to install software packaged as RPM. It’s one of the few independent distros out there. Be sure to check out the PCLinuxOS magazine.

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@johnblood…Thank you, it is about the only Linux I have used in a long time that I really enjoy. I use it
almost as much as W10 on this same PC. Have booked marked the PCLinuxOS magazine website.

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Personally I like Trisquel or any other efficient distro - who cares how many times it is repeated or if the same people appear time and time again with likes and reinforcements. :roll_eyes:
Can we all pay attention to our 600 million dollar Trisqelion man - Mark Shuttleworth noted “complacency is your big enemy” He and I would get on famously.
Facts and reviews by professionals are of much more use to our it’sFOSS membership. You guys must have missed or fallen down the massive security hole and missed other mega issues that lead one tester with 6GiB DDR3 RAM to conclude “Now I need to go and use some stainless steel scrub on my hard drive.”

Now who is responsible for this may I ask as my tongue is tied (in my cheek):-
Looks like they are way behind :snail: with the kernel too - Oh Dear
When asked about American H-D hog slow-poke cycles; I usually say “I am not a fan of agricultural machinery” so guess I can say the same about this American OS…? They - PCLinuxOS - have had 23 years to fix this :astonished: :joy: can you imagine Trisquelion Mark Shuttleworth tolerating such snail :snail: :snail: :snail: :snail: :snail: like progress - me neither.
I have recently hashed together my own Full Monty LXDE-OS based on a Spanish OS which in early trials gives this level of efficiency…
PCLinuxOS uses 670MiB RAM
LXDE-FullMontyOS uses 263MiB RAM or 250MiB after reboot.

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