PDF Downloads - one page at a time?

Hi All,
Now I found a different problem.
Probably something simple but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Trying ti download multi page PDF Mint insists on using Libra Office draw no matter what I select
I only get whatever page is on-screen instead of a full PDF document.
I’ve never had a problem before and wonder what happened 2 kernel updates ago?
Tried various searches but nothing relevant

Once you download the pdf
Go to the file manager location of downloads
Find your document
Right click on it and select open with
You should have an option to open with a pdf viewer (depending on the version of mint you are on)
Select set as default

This will work for that document pdf
But if you want to make sure this happens on all pdf documents you may need to change the default settings in the control panel of mint

control panel
applications by default
Change pdf option

managed to press wrong button and deleted by accident Doh!
Nope, file download is tiny, the complete PDF isn’t downloading, generally just the cover page but I have downloaded 3 pages one at a time to get doc…
Thanks for the reminder about Default Apps, I’ve re-set it and will try again with something different. Any suggestions for ‘best’ PDF viewer/

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Maybe grab the URL and use curl or wget to grab it from the download URL???

wget -o download.pdf >pasted URL here<
(don’t quote me exactly on that)

Try another browser? Most of us Linux users have several browsers installed, on my desktop machine running Ubuntu 20.04, I have “official” Firefox from Canonical, Firefox ESR as a “portable” app with binaries in my $HOME, I have Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave and ToR…

I world suggest trying chromium, chrome or another browser if your download is not working correctly to identify if it’s a fault with Firefox. But not come across one.

Also try another site in case the number of pages available on the one you are using is limited

Some site owners offer pdf front covers of books (or index pages) to excite you into buying the book, once you have done that you get the full link not available on the site generally

I don’t use a lot of different pdf files, so tend to stick with the default viewer offered by mint on installation. As pdf files are really designed just to be looked at no real idea why I would need another.

I don’t know the best pdf viewer.

I’m using the standard app and I don’t have anything to complain about:


Document Viewer in Mint which is a xapp made by Mint, collaboration of old Ubuntu software from years ago. It should already be installed out of the bag on whichever Linux Mint Environment you’re using. The only xapp that isn’t installed on the 20.04 versions of Mint is xplayer based on Totem player from moons ago and I’m talking moons, so many moons I have lost count.

Ahhh, the best kind of moons…

I’m in the dark here without a torch.
Are your having trouble downloading multiple page PDF’s or are you not able to see all the pages after downloading?

If it’s the latter try one of these; PDF Studio, Document Viewer, Vuecan, or Calibre.
I used (very briefly) LibreOffice Draw but didn’t like the layout. I use PDF Studio Pro now and find it MUCH better.

Paul (callpaul.eu) got it.
Switching to document viewer I got 11 pages in PDF format.
I guess sometimes you get so caught up with frustration you forget the simple things.
I have no idea how Libra Office Draw became default though?
It happened after a bunch of updates, everything else works ‘properly’
Thanks everyone.

It shouldn’t be the default for viewing pdfs. Still, it is an excellent choice if you want to edit pdfs.

Some apps have a list of files they take over as default when their installed especially if the default app for that file type is not set before. Doesn’t always happen.

I had the same thing happen lately. But then I remembered that LibreOffice lets you edit one page at a time in Draw. When you want to go to the next page, you have to select it in the menu. Find the Navigator (probably a compass icon to the right) and click on it, and you’ll see a list of the “slides”.