PDF files sent from a Linux machine to a windows one

Hi all, I’m using ubuntu 18.04 and I sent some PDF files to a person using windows and they say that they can’t open them, I thought that PDFs were universal, does anyone have an explanation for this. Thank you.

Hi Raymond,
The problem seems to stem from the fact that on some Especially Windows 10 machines the latest Adobe Reader updates do not like to open any pdf files not created on adobe. I’m not sure there is anything you can do on your end.
You could install Master PDF and try that as it has very good compatibility with Adobe.
you can find it here download the .deb file. https://code-industry.net/get-masterpdfeditor/
also this article may explain some of the problem. https://www.auslogics.com/en/articles/what-if-pdf-files-wont-open-in-windows-10/

Good luck.


Thank you Dave, much appreciated the info I will try it.

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As for Windows, Foxit Reader is definitely the best in my view. The downside is, that it is closed source and you have to disable the 14 PhantomPDF Pro trial, when updating and/or installing the reader and editor.

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Thank you Akito, but the problem is at the other end, at the windows recipient, if they can’t decode the pdf files I will mention your solution. Thanks.

I did think that sumatra pdf free was compatible with both, but I am not entirely sure on that

Thanks for the info, my wife told me the same thing as she uses Win 10 and I use Mint. I always thought the problem was with Adobe (American Greed?)


Hello Kc1di, Thanks for the info and the links, the problem was solved when they used another machine at the other end, that’s all I know ?. Appreciate your input on this subject, 73, Ray, ve2ol.


your welcome :slight_smile:

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