Phone for foss mentality, if not actual foss

Asking for thoughts on my next phone. I have a teracube (old kickstarter) it’s android but very light and an open company, as they go. However, I don’t see them for my next one as they don’t really have anything that’s even a little up to date hardware wise.

I like fairfone but it’s expensive and not supported in the U.S.

I use android auto, but would prefer a no bloatware one, like the teracube. I don’t use my phone like I do the computer so I don’t need a real linux phone.

Are there any unlocked, no bloatware phones 5G? Would like the option to root but until that’s company supported it’s an update/security problem

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Unfortunately, there are not a lot of choices in this field. At least not something mainstream.

Most of Android ROMs and alternatives are for older smartphones.

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I been using Motorola (Moto) smart phones for the past 5 years and have been very pleased with them.

Yes, that’s what I’ve seen. I’ve used cryogenmod in the past and now it doesn’t seem like they can update the mods; so you’re vulnerable. I wanted one with less bloat and more control. Teracube gave out the root instructions, but they didn’t make a separate update for those, so you were stuck again, unless you have tons of free time. I was really upset when their “new” phone was going to be less hardware wise than the first. I thought it would kill them and, I believe, it has. Who wants to buy a 5 year old phone (hardware wise) and it wasn’t but mid-tier then. I would love a fair phone, but the fact that they don’t want to grow, frustrates me. They don’t want the U.S. Market. I’ve emailed and asked why. We’re small and we like it that way was one of the replies. Of course, you’re not going to make a huge impact with that logic. There really isn’t a consumer friendly phone out there.

Yes, they are the best of a bad lot. I’ve had one before. I think, they use android one which, from my understanding, is the lightest android except for specific instances e.g. Teracube was lighter. I wish there was a phone for us. The guys that “mind” the bloatware and don’t want a new phone every year.

Personally, I really want a just decent hardware with the best camera I can get and the lightest, most controllable android.

I wish google hadn’t killed call recording. I’m no lawyer, but let me know if there is a class action for that. It seems unthinkable, to me, that the corporations can record us, but we can’t record them. I used to record all of those calls and it saved me from time to time. It’s legal in my state, but to me, we should be able to record companies regardless.

anyone using the fair phone in the U.S. and if so, which network?

Motorolla is kind of the best of the worst. It’s not great value hardware wise, but last I used was low on bloatware

My Teracube battery last forever as it has no real bloatware, but they don’t sell anything remotely new hardware wise, and really weren’t able to keep up with security patches and updates like they thought. Still, if they had a good quality newer hardware phone, I would probably get it. But they don’t and I don’t see it anytime soon. I hate buying a Fairphone with zero support and warranty; plus, I’m not sure how well they work in the States.