Plexinator for Debian LINUX Plex users

For Debian LINUX Plex Media Server users…

For Debian LINUX users grab Plexinator.
“git clone”
This handy little app makes it MUCH easier to use Plex on Debian LINUX.

Seems like you were/are really eager to study Bash fancy stuff and now you are trying to show it off. That said, your scripts don’t do much.

Not much of a welcome …LOL.
Welcome to the community @Rj_Levesque_Jr.

I know right? Friendly welcome…

Hey pompous (fill in the blank)…
You act like I made this out to be some glorious, long written application or something. I just made a script to make working with my Plex Media Server easier, that’s all. Nothing special. No, it’s not some fancy script it is a simple little time saver. It is something to make it easier for those who use Linux simply as a server and don’t really know Linux from a hole in the ground.

Just something I wrote for myself to make a task quicker and easier, which is what all my bash scripts do honestly. Then again, I never asked for your opinion of all my bash scripts. If your opinion mattered to me I guess I would, but it doesn’t. I shared this because I felt others would also find it useful. If you don’t then just move on please…

If you want to check out real software I wrote try looking up Fincencus or Frogcensus. Both work with gene and DNA research with zebra fish and xenopus frogs. I wrote that software, sells for $6k a pop and is used in Ivy League colleges and labs in EU right now.

I didn’t critize it the way you apparently received it. You seem really think-skinned, looking at the enormous defensive wall you built up, just because of two sentences a stranger wrote you. I advise you to man up and not be so insecure about yourself.

I was just saying facts, not trying to be negative.

The main reason why I was and am skeptical about your post is because 100% of people previously promoting their own product on this forum as their very first post were only interested in promotion, while not being interested in joining the community.
So if you just want to promote your simple script here, you are not welcome.
If you want to be part of the community, you are very welcome and should stay here as much as you like.

I “was” interested in being a part of the community here…but to be perfectly honest after a foul welcome like that from a Moderator I no longer wish to do so. You made me not feel welcome from the beginning. Feel free to delete both my membership and my post in fact, doubt I will be back.

Not thin skinned at all and it wasn’t how “I” perceived it. Another member commented before I did even referring to the rude welcome I got from you. That whole little blurb you just shared well, not even going to dignify that whole thing with a proper reply except to say it must be sad to be you and feel the need to try and glean power and importance from an internet forum. Either you are a kid trying to act big or an adult with a very sad, sad life indeed.

Good Day

Whatever you say. Those useless ad hominems won’t get you far, though. Especially, when the projection of yourself is reeking from them. You consider yourself having “a very sad, sad life” and now you are projecting that perception of yourself, on me, trying to attack me personally. Look, it’s not my fault that you hate yourself. Get some (professional) help.

P.S.: Don’t place ads if you want to be welcomed. :wink:

I’ll have to stand with Akito. We have no room for tantrums.