Plots crashing in Kubuntu

Hi everyone,

Immediately after the publishing of the article speaking about Plots, I was very excited to install it.

Just by yesterday, I was very eager to open plots after installing it, but it crashed. I don’t know that to do. I even tried by reinstalling and restarting the computer, but nothing seems to happen.

I even got another message mentioning as follows:
Ubuntu 20.04 faced an internal error
Report to developer

Details of computer

My Computer: HCL with Intel Core 2 Duo (3 gigs of RAM, Intel 945G graphics)

My OS: Kubuntu 20.04.1 (installed yesterday, i.e., 27th Feb 2021)

I just tried (Kubuntu 20.10) and it works.

In the article, it says, the program required GTK 3.0.
dpkg-query -W libgtk-3-bin
should give you something like this:
libgtk-3-bin 3.24.23-1ubuntu1

I installed it using the PPA. However, you might try the flatpak also mentioned in the article.

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Plots is primarily aimed at GNOME desktop environment. As @Mina pointed out, Kubuntu (based on KDE) is missing GTK3 as it uses Qt.

Okay, I understand. I’ll try the flatpak or debian package and mention the results.

I’m also clear with the problem which I’m facing.

Thanks for your kind replies @Mina and @abhishek. :slight_smile:

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Even I installed it using the PPA. I’ll try some alternative methods for sure. Thanks for the reply.

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Having looked a bit at the program, I don’t find it to be too impressive. My first thought was: This can be done as well as a web-app.

My impression is that somebody has learned some Python and was proud to show it. That might also be the reason why it doesn’t run in certain environments.

A simple web version can be found at:

More sophisticated plotting at

However, I consider gnu-plot to the best plotting (offline) app:

It is present in every software repository.


Thank you @Mina. I have a graphing application from KDE, because I’m mad at graphing applications… I even installed the preview version of Windows 10 2004, just for the graphing calculator.

But, I was interested in looking at plots since it was featured in itsfoss article. That kindled the interest in me.

Yes, you are true. As mentioned in the article, all equations would disappear if it couldn’t understand an equation. Now I can understand what could be the cause.