Pop! OS june 2021


I was looking out to install the new Pop! OS, but when installation is started, it crashes always at the first installation window (choosing language). I also tries the nvidia option which gave the same result.

Any idea??

Is this a fresh install?
What hardware system?
Have you tried another OS on the same system?

are you going to do dual boot or only linux
if only linux, then you can try installing other os like UBUNTU because popos is based on ubuntu


Thanks for the response. It is a fresh install on a drive where I have installed three other Linux OS (Kubuntu, Elementary and KDE). All of them are running ok.

which version of Pop! OS are u installing?
if u are installing an non-lts verion,then,
you can try to install an lts version and then update it after the installtion is complete

Please, read through these posts, to see if something can help you.

I’m trying out the newest version (21.04). As far as I know the 20.04 is the lts version, I will try to install that one (after my work).

first try to download lts
then upgrade ur system to 21.04