Popcorntime does not unzip

try to install popcorntime in kubuntu but get errors when i want to unzip the file
what can i do ?

What errors do you get?
Do you have unzip installed?
Did you try to redownload that zip file?

It would be helpful, if

  1. you provided the link from where you downloaded the zip-file.
  2. you told us which errors you got. “I get errors” is rather unspecific.
  3. you specified whether you used command-line unzip or the gui tool ark


I have no intentions of installing it, but on Kubuntu 20.10, I tried the instructions on

As specified in step 1, I downloaded the zip file via:

wget -c https://get.popcorntime.app/repo/build/Popcorn-Time-0.4.4-linux64.zip

and then executed

unzip Popcorn-Time-0.4.4-linux64.zip

which worked without any issues.

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