Post your homelab!

Inspired by the front page of talking about homelabs/self hosting, I figure that’s kind of my specialty, so I’d be the one to put the rally out for this. Show us your homelabs!

its rough but functional :slight_smile:


Mine’s scattered across about 5-6 foot across two desks in my home office… I used to have a fair bit more running on bigger (physically) systems - e.g. desktop systems (for my VMware ESX “farm”) and Sun UNIX servers, but I’ve put them in storage now… I plan on getting my Sun Ultra 5 out and getting NetBSD running on it at some stage…

It’s mostly small systems like ARM SBC’s, a HP N40L for my NAS and a Gigabyte Brix to run Red Hat EL 8 on (because RHEL is what most of my customers are running).

Ideally I’d like a pair of NUC sized “things” (e.g. one of those tiny Dell or Lenovo thingies) with max’d out i7 (bazillion cores and threads) and 128 GB of RAM at least, but maybe another less beefy NUC thingie to run vSphere on (I know you can actually run it as an ESX guest VM) - last time I tried vSphere I got kinda “lost” as it requires (or seems to) internal DNS server… But - I don’t have the budget for this dream homelab, and couldn’t justify to the missus (hey - maybe if I can sell my Harley I might?).


A few years back the tax man asked a similar question on size and space, running my own business they wanted to apply a business rate tax on that surface. My reply was zero space, which of course they questioned so sent a photo of my netbook and 2 screwdrivers on a blank surface. Strangely they never followed up and I was never taxed on business rates. Today I would have to include a usb key as well.
Yes it runs Linux mint 19 with wine and does all I need