Practice Exercise in Bash Basics Series #5: Using Arrays in Bash

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read -p "Enter 3 numbers: " num

IFS=' ' read -r -a numbers <<< "$num"



for (( i=$numbers_length-1; i>=0; i-- )); do

echo "Numbers in reverse order are: ${reverse_numbers[*]}"

I liked the use of IFS. I guess I deliberately omitted that from the tutorial.

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another way to only litmit within the scope of that article, please

I still barely understand $IFS - but it gets me every time when I try to use a 2D range of values in a “for loop” - so I then have to “IFS=$'\n” when it gets unhappy :smiley:
$IFS has been tripping (sic) me up for years…

My first script for #2 was


echo “Number reversal Exercise”

read -p "enter first number: " num1
read -p "enter second number: " num2
read -p "enter third number: " num3

reverse_number=($num3 $num2 $num1)

echo “The reverse order of numbers entered is ${reverse_number[*]}”

And then I saw the expected output and changed it to

echo “Number reversal Exercise”

echo "Enter three numbers and press enter: "
read -p “–>” num1 num2 num3

reverse=($num3 $num2 $num1)
echo “The reverse order of numbers entered is ${reverse[*]}”

By the way, Thank you Abhishek Prakash for this tutorial, I am learning so much from this.

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