Pretty noticeable lag in mouse in 2 barrier clients


I tried this software in 3 computers with Ubuntu 18.04. All of them are within the same wireless LAN and I noticed that there is a pretty noticeable lag while moving the mouse on the 2 computers that have Barrier working as client.

Do you know how to fix this?


Try it with Ethernet. Especially, if some devices are too far away.

The degradation of the connection’s quality can be very extreme with WiFi.

P.S.: WLAN signal repeaters are pretty much a marketing gag, because they simply amplify the signal at the point they are installed at. So if you repeater is installed far away from the router, then the signal coming from the repeater won’t make it much better, because it will only amplify the already very low quality of the original signal.

Thanks. I will do. Anyway the three computers are close to the router, less than 4 meters away from the router. The computers see each other through the wireless interface of this router.

That sounds pretty good. So perhaps the WLAN may not be an issue.

The problem with your situation is, that there could be tons of reasons responsible for the issues you are experiencing. So the debugging process for your situation could perhaps take a very long time and a lot of effort.

So out of your answer I understand there should not be this lag with the layout described by me, right? I mean the Barrier app has been tested by others to work properly in a WLAN.

No. I’m saying that it’s unlikely to be the WiFi connectivity if the computers are close. You should still check if Ethernet makes the situation better, though.

The point of what I said was, that it can have a lot of reasons for why you have a bad connection through barrier and finding the correct ones can become a tiring and lengthy experience.

Let me rephrase my last comment: Do usually people get Barrier working without important lags for keyboard and mouse sharing in WLAN networks and with Ubuntu 18.04?

It does not matter much, because there are many reasons why it may not work, as expected.

I confirm the lag problem was due to the low speed of the WLAN. Once I tested the setup I described in a LAN, it worked quite good.

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