Print on cd tray epson xp760 printer

i’m new to linux and transitioning from windows 10. i have 1 issue that i cant fix. i use epson print cd to print on disks directly using a tray. cant get this to work in linux.this is the only issue stopping me from dumping windows. my email address is i hope you can assist me in resolving this issue

Hello, @wizard5458
Do you often label CDs/DVDs? Just curious… :wink:

Maybe this thread on AskUbuntu will help you out:
It’s about a R285 and pretty old, but maybe you get some fresh ideas, which you haven’t tried yet.

Have you installed the native Epson drivers?
You can find them here (search for XP-760 and choose “Linux” as OS)

On the german Epson site I found this:
Bedrucken von CDs und DVDs
It states, that you can use any program for printing the CDs/DVDs as long as these options are set:
Paper: A4 (or whatever is used in your country)
Orientation: Portrait
Type of paper: CD/DVD Premium surface (or similar I guess)
Tray: Epson Tray 2
I think this could be matched, maybe with the above mentioned native driver from Epson (for the Tray thingy).

Hi thanks for the reply. I can put images into an application. My issue is there’s no cd tray option in printer driver software from cups. There’s no cd option in media list
Best Regards Pete

I have used your link to native drivers but none listed for my printer XP760 which is in the photo expression range

I just give the model and choose “Linux”, then he presents me with 3 options…

thank you i have managed to use link provided. My mistake was not putting eiphen between letters and numbers
Best Regards Pete

Have you installed all the drivers? If so, it should work. Although I’m not sure that this model has the same software functionality for Linux as it does for Windows.

Hi Edi I’ve been trying to install the epson drivers you kindly pointed me to but i can’t seen to install them. Is there any chance to can give me what i need to get these drivers install. Will it make a difference if i’m using ubuntu mate

Hi Kay yes i have managed to install printer. I have another problem now install an epson app called print cd using wine. this app works and i can design cd labels but it won’t link to printer
Best Regartds Pete