Printing from chrome/chromium browser

Printing functions fine from Libre Office, text files, etc. Chrome/Chromium, on the other hand, appears to be quite fickle. On websites with a print function, whether for an article or a recipe ( :wink:), all I get is silence.

Searching on the web, I see many others who are having the same issue. What does the collective wisdom of IT’S FOSS know about this issue?

Be good to hear what others say, but to make it work i have done a copy/paste into LO or save as to get it there, then printed it ok

Why don’t you try FireFox!?


Et cetera…

Try and get another version of CUPS

Does the Chromium-based browser show an option to use the system dialogue?
If there is, why don’t you try that?

Everytime (or nearly) I try to print from Google Chrome, on Linux - it defaults to PDF output… And sometimes I think my printer’s disappeared, it takes few clicks and hitting “advanced” before I can point it at my CUPS queue for my main physical hard copy printer… PITA…

Maybe it does not matter but just curious, which distro are you using and how did you install Chrome?

Linux Mint, using the ungoogled-chromium flatpak.