Probelmas com o Bash

atualizei para o ubuntu 20.04 mas quando abro o terminal me aparece na primeira linha esta frase: bash: /etc/profile.d/ Ficheiro ou pasta inexistente
gostaria por favor ajuda de como resolver

Jorge Caaaaaaarmo


mira aquí:
Igual te ayudará.

Un saludo

Desculpe, não posso ajudar. Não é possível ler a mensagem.


Obrigado já consegui resolver um colega da comunidade (Alex) me akudou e consegui resolver o erro

Jorge Carmo

Good evening my friend alex

Thank you for your help. It really was the solution. When I did the upgrade to ubuntu 20.04 having this problem and searched and couldn’t find or understand how to solve it. I am old man only in the age, but my head isn’t, I am not a programmer, but I do like linux. I have learned by myself, through blogging, that really help you and people like you who have been away from the country, to help. Forget to say I am portuguese. Once more, too, but muioto thank you if you have any problems, if is possible I ask you if I have another problems big problems. After a lot of trying to is not able to follow because this is how you learn by trying to

a hug in portuguese we say abraço ( I’m latin )

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thank you community whit your help the problem is fixed. Thank you Alex :upside_down_face: