Programmer's Jargon

Recently, I stumbled upon the following article.
Point 4 explains different types of reports. Most of the time I see Shrug Reports and these are also the ones annoying me the most of all.

Which point in the article can you relate to, the most?

Yo! :nerd_face: Akito - Am I still here…? Lost the will to live there but got so dismayed by the Baklava Code as it was just so, so dry :grimacing:
Where is the honey oozing out - where are the nuts? This is not Greek or Hellenic code must be some new minimalist format :smiley:

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16. Fear Driven Development

Hear a programmer said about hurrying to complete a project / program,
“You want it bad, you’ll going to get it bad!”
And using a wide black magic marker marking the top of old punch cards that was to be thrown out, “NFG”. Meaning “No F…ing Good”.
Oh, a couple more old ones.
RTFM Meaning “read the F…ing manual”
Oh, you have a “ID 10 T” error which means you are a idiot.