Progress Update On My Linux From Scratch Project

After several attempts and learning, I am ready to start chapter 8!!! This is a long list of over 50 tar
packages to unzip and "./configure && make && make install, no big deal!! Next chapter I can prepare for booting!!!


Hi Daniel,
Well done.
How about making a brief blog of what you have grappled with so far, so we can all see what is involved. People will be interested, even if they would not care to attempt it themselves.
Is Chapter 8 the bit where you get to choose what you want to include, or are you still in the important essentials?


I will try and keep this post updated, have no idea on how to do a blog!!!

Chapter 8 is the final push for package installs. It puts a a new command in the package configuration called “make check” that is ran after “make”, make check runs the tests that
are compiled with the package, it is slow. and I am not sure if it can be skipped. I do know
that LFS warns against skipping make check. I figured out Chapter 7 and entering the
"(lfs chroot) root: shell !! Now if I can just get by “glibc”


glibc-2.39 compile!!! There is a lot to compile with glibc, binutils, and gcc!!!

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glibc make check
This is virtualbox so maybe this is normal!!!

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I just meant write down the steps you went thru to get to here. … Briefly… just a list of headings with a few comments maybe. Skip the detail… thats what the book is for. … What people want is an executive summary.

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I dont think you can blame Vbox. There are some things missing. It may not matter
This is just a test check I think?

Compiling the compiler. I presume you use a binary of gcc to compile itself?

I doubt it!!!

So what compiles gcc?

I will let you know when I get to gcc!!

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Gcc is usually compiled by the host machine’s c compiler.

It has 3 stages: bootstrap, cross-compile, and the final result.


Thanks, am working my way to the gcc final stage!!! Have you ever compiled Linux From Scratch? It is a lot like Gentoo, with different commands.

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Gentoo is a lot different than LFS.

For starters, there is some actual plumbing, like a package manager.

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I guess the installer is the package manager, although I am using a Gentoo live ISO to get LFS compiled.

Been awhile since I have posted, so I will be brief!!!
I have had a few setbacks since my last post, one, and the killer, is that LFS and VirtualBox, do not play well together!!! What do I mean?
This could be as much as the machine, as well as LFS and GCC compile.
The GCC compile is very demanding, to the point where one can actually hear the cpu fan winding up, doesn’t shut the PC down, but VirtualBox will freeze, with very little recourse but to shutdown and start over.
I then have had a complete failure of a WD 500GB SA510, which I was wanting to use as a LFS install on my 2core Pentium machine, I am now using a 250GB Sansdisk for the LFS install, so far, it is working well.
Will post again, if I ever get through Chapter 8!!!

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Those 2 things could be related.

No!!! That occurred on different machines, I was trying to prep the SSD and it just quit, will not
recognize in either Windows or Linux. From what I read that WD SSD is prone to failure. Need a disk-util to see if it can be read!!!

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