Proton VPN, tell me about it

Does anyone here use Proton VPN with Ubuntu ? How is their free plan ? Is it safe ?

Anything else to we should be careful about ?

This topic was touched in the one or other thread.

Dont know, if it was “solved” though…

I thought it is popular.

I paid for it for a year with my subscription to ProtonMail. I wonder if they still charge me. I have to check.

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I pay for the P2P version. It’s not free.

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Ok, is it safe ? I am a very ordinary person, but still skeptical about my traffic and privacy.

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On Linux, it uses openVPN to connect and I heard that openVPN is not all that secure, but that is just a rumor I heard. Does anyone KNOW about the safety/security of OpenVPN?

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OpenVPN is part of my work life and the answer might disappoint you.

  1. It is pretty much the same as with other security focused applications. The same rules apply. My favourite one: No software security ever theoretically possible is secure, if the user of it does not know how to use it.
  2. I think the big PLUS OpenVPN has: it’s ancient. Therefore, it is super stable. There are some alternatives to OpenVPN, which are better in its concept maybe, but no other client/server pair can beat the established stability of something like OpenVPN.
  3. Stability means stability and reliability in security aspects, too. Sure, any software can have bugs, but software as old as OpenVPN surely has a far better chance of resisting this type of issue, because it is so old and stable.

Therefore, there is nobody that can give you an all-time-true answer resulting in a yes or a no. If one of the security rules are broken, ignored, misused or misunderstood, then the best application can’t save you from being compromised.