Public domain works released from 1923

i have read a few different articles about all of the books, movies, songs, cartoons etc that are being released into the public domain from 1923. i know it isn’t necessarily foss (though the free part fits) as is usually usually discussed here, but i thought some people might be interested in the free entertainment and even scientific paper from way back when. i have been impressed with setups like project Gutenberg for some time. if you haven’t had a chance to check out all of the wizard of oz series (the cowardly lion is a personal favorite of mine) they have those among so very many others :slight_smile:

note: i realize this may be a bit United States-centric, but i also got to wondering if such things are available in other countries when i started writing this or if other regions can access these resources.


As far as I recall our books become public domain 85 years after the author’s death or something like that. Don’t quote me on it though and I’m too lazy to look it up.


Quirky laws worldwide

This reminded me of an old comedy episode of Red Dwarf, why updates are not always an good idea, lol :rofl:


Remembered reading about Disney and publiic domain years ago. Seems Mickey and the gang are up for grabs in 2024. Caution; Naughty word here - How Mickey Mouse Evades the Public Domain

More Mickey’s Headed to the Public Domain!

As if that isn’t enough! Copyright Term Extension Act

Suppose there is arguments for both sides to this. Will be interesting to see what comes to public domain though.

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:heart_eyes: Red Dwarf? Didn’t even know there was newish series out in 2017…

I know what I’m going looking for when I get home from work this evening :grin:


I was surprised by the date of November 2017 and thought it was a repeat showing at the time, which I watched circa 2015ish or longer ago. Ho mmm, memory, anyway, it was a good parody of M$.


agreed. i think it makes sense to give creators their respect and due during their lifetime, but also see how at some point certain works are also a part of the cultural makeup which rises above ownership.


As one recipient of four DCMA notifications, color me underwhelmed with the good intentions.

Four Scott Joplin songs copyright 1917 (the year he died) by apparently four different entities on my YouTube channel. One was most hilarious in its ~proof~, it took 38 seconds of comparison to prove a match.

Of what? I was creating in MIDI software and exporting to whatever seemed best for YT. And (need I state the bleeding obvious? Y … NO one knows what tempo his sounds should have been.)

Some people at that time said his playing was painfully slow. (Maybe it was the syphilis that killed him.)

So. What source did this protector of his IP use to ~prove~ his claim? The statistical chance of a match is laughable.

And I never responded to these notifications and no one came after me.

IP? Most of the alleged owners have no intellect, they operate on greed. I’m with Harlan Ellison, Kill the mouse.

(p.s. cordx, good topic.)


i’ve read some unfortunate stories recently on reddit about content that was clearly created by the channel owner being challenged by an entity that either wanted to shut the content down or outright even steal it going against the creator. i’m not saying that is exactly like your example, just that it sounds like youtube is staying in lock step with the google family motto of selling data to the highest bidder. i’m glad you were able to keep what was/is rightfully yours.

Agatha Christie’s Murder on The Links is in public domain now :cool:

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This happens since years and years on. It always depends on who is claiming the copyright. If it is a huge company like Nintendo Japan, Warner Bros. or something like that, there is barely anything you can do about it. Money rules the world. If we had real democracies, all this would be absolutely impossible to happen…


©copyright like trade marks laws are constantly changing and a big driver of that has been the web. Also both have to renewed or they fail to remain as such. The same as with Image rights. There is no international agreed standard on any of them . As @Akito has said money rules the world and I agree with him and further (shock/horror) agree that it is the big companies that suppress the knowledge with their money.
Personally I think there should be a 50 year rule for all copyright/trademark/image right. Unless it is of sensitive nature where publication of such would endanger life.


Everybody’s dead, Dave.


I had similar happen when I used Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ on a You Tube video. I forget where I got the music but it was ‘public domain’ Had notification it was a copyrighted piece. I just ignored it. Just checked, it’s been removed sometime in the last few years as it was available until at least 2015 (posted 2011) Doh, it was just me, didn’t show up yesterday for some reason but is there today.

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